Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just replace my kitchen doors?

Yes, depending on the sizes of your existing doors you can choose either from our full range or from our made to measure range. We are happy to survey for you and advise you on what is available as well as giving advice on changing or upgrading any other features of the kitchen while we are there.

Can I just replace my worktops?

Yes, we are happy to carry out worktop changes, though we will always advise caution in relation to sinks and tiles.
It is not always possible to remove a sink perfectly and we would always recommend having a new one at least on standby, just in case.
Removing the worktops may disturb the tiling along it and in some cases the new worktop may be a different thickness, we will carry out the work as carefully as possible but additional work may be required afterward to put right the tiling or to install upstands.

Do you offer installation?

Yes, we have specially selected tradesmen that we coordinate meaning we can carry out almost any work you would need to transform your home using our years of experience to tie them all in together.

Can I just buy units, doors, worktops etc. from you?

Yes, we are happy to sell any of the product ranges we offer on a supply only basis, either for collection or with local delivery.

I’ve damaged a door in my kitchen, can you replace it?

With many years of experience we can quickly identify many kitchens and tell you if they are still available and help you to get a replacement or get a satisfactory match made for you.
Alternatively, we can provide a quotation for your insurance company to assist you making a claim, ensuring that you are not left with a mismatched kitchen that would affect the value of your property.

What sizes are your doors and cabinets available in?

All our cabinetry is bespoke manufactured to suit each project, meaning it can be deeper or shallower where required and can be varied from unit to unit. This means that unlike many kitchen retailers, we don’t sell you wall units to be used as base units and it enables maximum storage.
With some of our ranges we also have total flexibility on all fascia dimensions allowing you to get exactly what you want without excessive use of fillers.

Can you supply the appliances at competitive prices?

We can get hold of a wide range of appliances from many manufacturers but can not get the best prices on everything, instead we try to work closely with a couple of key brands in order to offer internet matching prices on them.