There are a lot of buzz words and phrases these days, improve or move, update to sell and make your new house your home are just a selection. For most people the kitchen is the heart of the home and the trend for open plan, exciting and inclusive kitchens continues. At Billingham Kitchens we’re here to help with all of them.

Improve or move;

Improving your home can be a daunting task and many people look at selling their house and finding another that fits their needs. This too can be difficult and expensive so sometimes the idea to turn the house you’re in, into the house you’d like it to be. We can show you what your kitchen could look like if you did “take that wall out” and we can also tell you how much it’s all likely to cost. When it comes to the project itself, in most cases we can take care of everything, from taking the wall out and all the preparation work, plastering, electrics, etc. to installing the kitchen. We offer a huge range of kitchens, granite, quartz and Corian worksurfaces and big name appliances at competitive prices, everything you need to make your dream kitchen.

Update to sell;

If you think that your kitchen could be the reason that your house isn’t selling then it’s definitely worth looking at refreshing it. Replacing the doors to your kitchen could be less than a £1,000 and in many cases replacing doors, worktops and a new sink and tap is just £2-3,000 and often the work only takes a couple of days. We can give approximate estimates from your sizes or we can call out to measure it for ourselves and give you an accurate cost.

Make your new house your home;

If you’ve just moved into a new house and realised that there is no way you can live with the kitchen that’s there, we can help. The cost of moving may have left the budget too tight for a new kitchen but a kitchen refresh would bring a new lease of life to it and put your own stamp on it. As above, a kitchen refresh can be a very inexpensive way to update the kitchen with minimal disruption.

When it’s more than just cosmetic and the layout of the kitchen requires a rethink, you can give us your wishlist and let us offer our advice and design a kitchen that’s right for you.

So whatever your situation Billingham Kitchens has a service that’s just right for you, including supply only for those of a DIY nature!

Pop in to the showroom on Mill Lane, Billingham or call us on 01642 550909.