This is our newly updated display featuring the new Isala Dark Elm handleless door designed to complement the Malmo gloss range from which we have also used the light grey. We hope you’ll agree that the combination of dark and light as well as the mixture of the textured and smooth gloss surfaces makes for a very effective look.

As you can see we have wrapped the light grey in the dark elm, used a grey quartz worktop, which tones in well, and then an aubergine glass splashback to bring a splash of colour.

The worktop is a quartz surface from Maxtop which is designed to be sold in lengths and to be installed using traditional methods for laminate worktops which reduces the installation time compared to the template and manufacture process of solid quartz or granite.

The glass splashback in this case adds a splash of colour but is also a practical option especially behind a hob and is available in a wide range of colours, either in standard sizes or made to measure options.

With a wide range of options and frank, honest, experienced advice available it is well worth adding Billingham Kitchens to your list of showrooms to visit.