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By admin February 4, 2019 Kitchens Advice Articles 0 Comments

Kitchen appliances

An important part of your kitchen are the appliances. Important for both the look and function of your kitchen as well as being a key component to the total cost. For many people, the decisions they make about their appliance needs will shape the design of the kitchen. Ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines, fridges and freezers all may need to fit within the kitchen space and there are questions of freestanding vs integrated and capacity required vs space available to answer.
Here is a quick rundown on the main appliance issues and ideas.

A built in oven, combined with a compact oven with microwave is the modern option, instead of a double oven. It offers larger capacity and more functions, all in one place, leaving worksurface free. The Neff Slide ‘n’ hide ovens are very popular at the moment as they feature in a certain, much loved bakery programme.

Induction hobs are overtaking gas hobs, due to their ease to clean and safety benefits, and telescopic extractors are becoming more popular than stainless steel canopies. We often demonstrate our induction hob to customers as we feel it’s an important part of the experience.

A dishwasher is an essential item for many but an unnecessary luxury for others where space is limited and the extra cupboard is more highly prized.

Fridges and freezers come in an increasing array of sizes, from undercounter to full height integrated versions and the American style is still popular.

Integrated washing machines are typically that bit more expensive than free standing ones, though it can be worth it if it stops the washing machine spoiling those neat lines of some of the more modern, kitchen designs.

Appliance pricing is often a hotly debated topic. Prices can easily be found online, though sometimes little regard is given to the cost involved in showrooms displaying the product, for you to evaluate in person. As a company we work closely with Bosch and Neff to offer a range of products that cover almost all the options and are brands that give customers confidence. We have a pricing policy that aims to be competitive with the online prices and give value for money for the service we provide in ordering, installing and aftercare.

On other brands or freestanding appliances we simply can’t compete but we can still advise and install appliances provided by you.

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