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By admin February 4, 2019 Kitchens Advice Articles 0 Comments

Kitchen Door Styles

There is a huge range of door styles and colours available, it’s one of the first things customers tend to talk about when they come into the showroom. The range of choice in the kitchen market can feel intimidating, “we don’t know what we want” and “there’s so much choice” are regular comments and people feel stifled from going further, as they feel they need to know what they want.

There are two reasons why we say “don’t worry about it”; firstly, there is something for everyone, so you will find the one for you; secondly, you don’t need to know exactly what you want before you start the process.

Typically, customers already have a good idea whether they want modern or traditional. They know whether they want something light, to brighten up the kitchen, or are inrigued by darker colours. Usually, quite quickly the options narrow down, leaving a few options to decide between.

We like to explain the options and discuss why a door might, or might not be, right for you and your circumstances. As we gain understanding of your preferences we can guide you towards the options that suit best.

Here are some of our most popular styles at the moment and a little bit about why each one is doing well.

Malmo Handleless Porcelain Gloss – once our best seller, the presence of matt finishes and other handleless options have chipped away at its popularity a little, but it is still a popular choice.

Light kitchen doors brighten up the room and gloss reflects light, enhancing the effect even more, making the combination a great choice for small or dark spaces. The clean lines and lack of handles give it such a nice simplicity that it also works well in large open plan areas. The gloss finish makes cleaning easy, despite what people think about finger marks, and that makes it a good choice for families.

The porcelain colour is at home with brown as much as it is with greys and black so it offers plenty of choice when with accessorising and painting.

Stowe Light Grey Matt – Browsing over our projects you can see that this is a popular choice. A smooth finish combined with a shaker styling make this kitchen easy to clean but with more of a feature to the door that the modern slab doors. A relatively inexpensive door that can be designed to be modern or dressed with more traditional cornice and handles.

While the Stowe door is available painted to any colour, the light grey is one which doesn’t require matching end panels, as it is so close to the cabinet colour, which helps with the price. On a couple of our projects we have used Stowe in Pale Navy as a feature island and it complements the grey beautifully, especially when paired with light worksurfaces.

Finsbury Putty – For those who want a painted, solid door that won’t break the bank, any of the Simply Burbidge range, Barnes, Finsbury and Kew, would fit the bill. We have found the beaded shaker design of Finsbury to be the most popular and the Putty colour tends to be chosen over grey or alabaster.

We feel it offers a truly timeless style that won’t date and with a neutral colour, like Putty, lots of options are possible for worktops, tiles and accessories. Our customers have chosen Finsbury Putty with beautiful grey laminates, dark granites and even fairly light Silestones all to superb effect.

Whether you fit into one of these catagories or not, we have a wide range of kitchen doors styles available and we’re here to guide you through them all.

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